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Renting Vacation Villa Direct from homeowner: How it Works

Renting vacation home for your vacation is nothing new. Millions of vacationers are cutting out the middle man (travel agency, management company, travel search engines) and saving money by renting directly from owner.

Vacationers that have not used before, or are new to buying or renting vacation properties directly from the owners can use following guidelines for help.

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Why Rent Direct from Owner?

Vacation Villa Rental vs. a Hotel Room
  • Most private vacation homes offer 4-5 times more space than you will find in the typical hotel room often at smaller nightly rate. Typical hotel room is 200 SF.; most of rental properties are between 1,000-4,000 SF.

  • Vacation rental homes often contain many personal & convenience items that will increase the comfort of the guest. This is truly home away from home concept.

  • Unlike a typical hotel room, most private vacation homes include fully equipped kitchen and private laundry.

  • Homeowners are often able to provide you with tips and suggestions that only the locals know. This can make a huge difference in the enjoyment of your trip.

  • Most of vacation villas are used frequently by their owners and kept very clean for this reason. No one gives a property more attention than its owner

  • Renting a private vacation villa offers the great value, affordability, and personal attention by homeowner.
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Please also review Frequently Asked Questions

Finding a vacation villa

Please Use the Search Function to find properties for rent or for sale, we list all the properties in the country specified in order based on your search criteria. You can sort the search results by the Price or number of Bedrooms.

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Bookmarking Desired Properties

During browsing through the advertised homes, you will see a 6-digit reference number for each property. You can easily visit the page of the property again by typing the reference number directly into the Search box.

Individual villas can also be bookmarked or you can print paper copies of each.

Contacting the Owner

The contact details (email, telephone, etc) of the property owner or their agent appears in the CONTACT OWNER section of each property along with other details on booking the property - please read these thoroughly.

To enquire about a rental property simply use booking enquiry form


Each property owner will have their own way of processing a booking but, as a guideline, you should expect to pay a deposit to secure the booking dates of about 20% of the total rental. This is normally paid either by Credit Card, PayPal or by bank transfer and the owner should confirm the booking and receipt of your payment by letter or by e-mail. The balance is normally paid around 60 days before the arrival.

Getting to the Property

Make sure that you have the address, directions to the vacation villa and phone number for the owner or management company. These are normally sent to you on payment of the balance. Some owners will send you a key in advance; some may live on site and be there to welcome you, and some. May have a local management company who will meet you (in this case please make sure that you have the telephone number of the owner or their representative so that you can call to let them know if your arrival time is delayed).


All owners should leave instructions at the property for contacting either him or her or their local management company. If you find that you have a problem or an item of equipment breaks down, please call immediately.

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Please also review Frequently Asked Questions

Quick Facts about Vacation Rental Properties vs. typical hotel rooms

Quick Facts about Vacation Rental Properties vs. typical hotel rooms
  Typical Hotel Vacation Villa, Condo
Local, Long Distance and International calls Extremely high rates are applied (from 50 cents per call to $2 per minute) Standard Long distance rates, sometimes free in USA
Kitchen NO YES
Private washer and dryer NO YES
Multiple floor space No YES, in townhomes and villas
Private patio with Conservation view NO YES, in townhomes and villas
Television Just 1 TV with pay-per view service Usually TV in every room, DVD, Sony PlayStation
Home like Atmosphere NO YES
Heated Pool May Be Very Often
Safe kids playground NO Very often in Resort Areas
Nightly Rate $100-$500> $60-$300 usually is a web site NOT a real estate broker, agent or rental company. It is in no way liable for any advertiser misrepresentations. makes no warranty of accuracy regarding the information contained in any of its advertisements. does not confirm or warranty any listings. Confirmation is the sole responsibility of the renting or purchasing party. Property owners are solely responsible for the accuracy of their listings and information.

Qualification of all renters and purchasers is the sole responsibility of the property owner or his/her agent NOT assumes NO responsibility for the condition of any properties listed. It is the sole responsibility of the potential renter or purchaser to validate the information given. recommends that all terms and conditions established between property owners and renters (or purchasers) be set in writing.

All properties on shall be made available on an Equal Opportunity basis.